Cookbook Classified: PB and J French Toast

When I read that Riley Curry, America’s little sweetheart, loves this PB and J French Toast, I was quickly sold. Ayesha Curry’s kid friendly take on French toast is kind of like a sugar bomb, but I see nothing wrong with that. Serve this with her brown sugar bacon and of course a mimosa, and you’re in business. I like the versatility of this recipe too. I used strawberry preserves and regular creamy peanut butter, but I can definitely see using grape, apricot, or other types of preserves (or almond butter, nutella, etc) for an awesome twist. You could even change up the cereal you use to coat the toast!

Basically, the procedure is to make a bunch of PB & J sandwiches, dip them in a cinnamony, eggy mixture (by the way, the key to great French toast is to let the bread chill in the egg mixture for more then just a second so it really soaks in the flavors), then coat the sandwiches with cereal (I used Frosted Flakes), and drizzle maple syrup on top!


Pretty simple, right? I just thought of something else – using different breads could be a game changer here as well! Raisin bread? Cinnamon swirl bread anyone?


If they hadn’t had raw eggs on them, I would’ve wanted to just eat them at this point…


Fry it up nice and crisp!


The finished product! So, so good.


You can find this full recipe and more in Ayesha Curry’s book, The Seasoned Life, which is sold here: 



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