Oh, hi! I’m so happy you’re here! I have been wanting to start a food blog for a really long time, so this is kind of surreal!

I’m a millennial criminal defense attorney who likes to unwind in the kitchen by cooking and baking (especially with my wonderful boyfriend, J, who is also a dedicated home chef). We spend a lot of time sharing a bottle of wine and trying out new recipes. You will see a lot of his influence here because he encourages me to step out of the box and really customize what I’m cooking. We also watch a lot of the Food Network, so that’s fantastic inspiration as well!

I first got an interest in cooking and food while watching my grandmother when I was younger. She is from Jackson, Mississippi, and her soul food is out of this world. As I’ve grown up, I’ve watched my mom in the kitchen, and I’ve taken it upon myself to hone the craft.

This blog is going to be an ode to my love of food and its ability to nourish, unite, and excite! I’ll post my own original recipes, my takes on the ones I find as I continue to explore the culinary world, and my experiences with all of my favorite cookbooks. You’ll find that I have a bit of a leaning towards Italian cuisine and seafood – though I try to remain diverse! Feel free to drop me a line if there is a particular dish you’d like to see, a book you want me to review, or a question you may have. Thanks for joining my as I do my best to elevate the classics and put passion on a plate 🙂