Cookbook Confidential: Honey Walnut and Brie Chicken 

I have a new favorite cookbook!! If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out Tieghan Gerard’s amazing food blog, Half Baked Harvest, you are really missing out! I owe her some of my very favorite recipes, such as Crispy Prosciutto Baked Brie Bites with Honey, Pear, and Walnuts here

… or Crockpot Sweet and Sour Pomegranate Short Ribs here!

Actually, Tieghan is my go-to short rib guru, like look at these Crockpot Cider Braised Short Ribs here, so perfect for Fall!

As you can see, I’ve tested many recipes from this blog (and remain awestruck at the flawless food photography), so when I found out that a companion cookbook was being released, I knew I had to review it on my own site! 

The first recipe I’ve tried is actually from a bonus collection that you can only receive if you purchase the cookbook before October 1st, so if you like the looks of this one, head over to Amazon and buy the book ASAP! 

This is a lovely baked chicken breast dish, which I really value because let’s be honest – who likes chicken breasts? They’re dry, boring, and a bit bland. Not these though! You make this fantastic herby walnut “breading,” which you cover the pieces of chicken in after soaking them in buttermilk.

Walnuts are not cheap. I recommend buying them in bulk – I picked them up from Whole Foods, and I chopped them finely myself.

Get your station set up, and remember to keep one hand dry and one hand wet for breading!

Into the oven they go!

And then the kicker is that these are topped with creamy slices of brie and a honey butter white wine sauce before a final few minutes of baking! [Full Disclosure: I finished mine with just some drizzles of honey and the brie, not the full sauce, because I didn’t want to use anymore dishes lol, but the sauce sounds delicious. You should make it!]

YUM! Find the full recipe in the bonus addition to Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Recipes from My Barn in the Mountains.

Also, stay tuned for my buttery wild herb mushroom couscous recipe, which I served alongside this! 

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